Welcome to the HOTEL GARNI unterfeldhaus!

A trip is coming up. Visiting friends, family, business clients, relaxing or actively exploring our area. Finally arrived and you open your temporary home with your room key.

Comfortable mattresses with fluffy bedding let you sleep wonderfully. In the morning, in the bathroom under a thousand lights and to the music beat of your favorite radio station, you fresh up for the day. The fine scent of coffee, accompanied by the aroma of crispy baked rolls, lures you into the cozy fireplace room for breakfast. With a view of the crackling fire, enjoy your healthy or hearty breakfast and take care of your first emails in a relaxed way.


12/7 we are open for you. What is the fastest way to Düsseldorf to the fair, to the train station in Erkrath? Where can I go shopping, eating, jogging, biking? We can easily find an answer to any question, and in several languages.!

And when you come back, there is always a parking space free! Be it for your car outside or your bike in the garage. In the evening, with a glass of red wine or a bottle of Altbier, you let your eventful day come to an end on the balcony.  

Your eyes marvel at the splendor of the flowers and watch as nature in the garden prepares for the night. The water lilies close their buds, the kois move closer together in the pond and the birds softly chirp the "goodnight" song.

We are happy if you feel at home with us.

Straeten family and the Team of HOTEL GARNI Unterfeldhaus